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Yummy Mummies

Known for its effective remedy for stretchmarks, scars, Marico's popular brand–Bio Oil, made its foray in India with us. Check out how we carried out the launch with the famous Shilpa Shetty by our side.

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Refreshing and Ultimate Choice

Zodhita's personal care products aimed for the young lads and wanted to position itself as a refreshing choice that boosts the confidence. And that's what we did.

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Break the Ice!

It's never too easy to break the ice and initiate a conversation. With Ice Breakers we turned down the myth and created quite the buzz!

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Namaste India

Spain's No. 1 Lubricant brand – Repsol, said, 'Namaste India.' And we welcomed them with open arms. The Spain's best got the support of India's best–us.

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Suraksha Sanchetana Abhiyaan

HP Gas, a regular sighting at households wanted to educate people on the basic safety measures with a twist. So, we brought the Kitchen on wheels to lead HP's Suraksha Sanchetana Abhiyaan.

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The SuperMax triple layer blades has a cool quotient to it! With a swift move you'd hit instant freshness. What did we do about it? We made men hit a hattrick every day, without playing cricket. Want to know how?

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ICICI Bank wanted to initiated a new trend; give a makeover to the same old mundane Debit Cards. With them, we hit the right spot and trust us, Debit Cards have never so appealing before!

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Quick. Easy. Vital Insurances.

Insurance comes handy in every aspect of life. With ICICI Lombard, we voiced it right. Covered each and every aspect that otherwise wouldn't have deemed important; check for yourself.

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Everlasting Strength

JSW needs no introduction of course. Its steel is known countrywide. It's the steel that connected lives, we made it connect to its target audience.

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Sustainability & Corporate Citizenship

Many stood for the cause, when we voiced the need to live in harmony with nature. Siemens' message was rightly put on the table for its target audience.

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Make in India

Global investors–an international summit that invites investors from around the globe. Nothing could go wrong, so, from events to social media, we had eye for all. And made it big with our perfect team coordination throughout.

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