We are an uncommon advertising agency offering 360-degree advertising solutions. Based out of Mumbai, India, we operate in three
specialized verticals - Advertising, Digital, and Events/ Activations. We started operations in 2000 from a garage (isn't that how startups start up?)
and have since grown into a renowned agency with experience of more than 2500 projects and 500+ brands.

Our team comprises a mix of fresh minds and grey hair, of eccentricity and rationality, of energy and passion, of art and management. We have
come together from different backgrounds in pursuit of a common goal – delivering creative solutions underpinned by solid commitment. This is a
team that has scripted success stories for several national and international brands.
Master's In Business, Graduates in Commercial Art, almost-CAs, Engineers-turned-Artists, Storytellers... you'll meet them all here.
We have dedicated teams for mainstream and digital advertising respectively. One is a bunch of old school blokes who are vastly
experienced in traditional advertising but have still managed to maintain the insanity needed for advertising. The other comprises young
blood who live and breathe cutting-edge marketing solutions and are crazy enough to think they are from the future. The twain meet
here at Greysell and their paths often cross, resulting in comprehensive, chaotic, disruptive and excellent campaigns.